It appears as though 2017 will be the year that VR explodes into the mainstream, reaching a tipping point that democratizes the technology for people around the globe. All sorts of fun and interesting VR games are on the docket for the upcoming year. Here are the VR games debuting in 2017 that you should pre-order without a second thought.

The Unspoken

Fans of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy-oriented books, movies and games will flock to this upcoming blockbuster made for the Oculus Touch. The Unspoken empowers players to assume the role of a wizard to cast spells and engage in online duels against fellow VR players. It is quite the detailed game to say the least. Master the learning curve and you’ll have a full arsenal of magical spells at your disposal, each summoned through specific physical gestures.

Robo Recall

This Oculus Touch game is an arcade-like shooter in which the game player combats rebellious robots. The game is centered on “recalling” the riotous robots one-by-one. These mechanized revolutionaries are either ripped apart piece-by-piece or players can take the explosive approach by blasting them to bits. The graphics are amazing, the game is tons of fun and the presentation is flawless.

Dead & Buried

Wouldn’t it be cool to engage in a wild west style shootout with fellow Oculus Touch players? Dead & Buried makes it possible. Hop on in to this virtual reality and you’ll shoot, bob, weave and run while competing against fellow sharpshooters. Each gun features a handy visual sight-line to indicate where the bullets will fly. It is quite the helpful touch that makes Dead & Buried that much more enjoyable.

Arizona Sunshine

HTC Vive and Oculus Touch owners will rejoice with the arrival of Arizona Sunshine in 2017. This is the virtual reality zombie apocalypse we have all been waiting for. The game’s goal is as straightforward as it gets: Hunt zombies, collect weapons and team up with fellow apocalypse survivors. The beauty of Arizona Sunshine is that it all takes place in what feels like a truly realistic virtual setting. It is much more thrilling than the comparably static flat screen environments presented in zombie games like Resident Evil.

Raw Data

Raw Data makes excellent use of the HTC Vive’s motion controls. The game features wave-based progression that pits a seemingly endless number of enemies against the player. The goal is to slice and dice through these baddies as quickly as possible. Though Raw Data might not have the most captivating story in video game history, it certain delivers in the category that matters most: fun factor.


Built for Oculus Touch, Superhot is based on the idea of time progressing only when the game player performs a physical movement. That is, if he is still, time does not move forward. This is an intriguing twist as it provides the player with considerable time to examine his surrounding environment and carefully plan his upcoming actions. Take a good look around your virtual environment and you will spot threatening assassins and all sorts of opportunities across the virtual landscape designed to ameliorate (or sometimes hinder) your quest. As soon as you move for your weapon, time speeds up and your strategy is put to the test. Superhot will undoubtedly be a smash hit in 2017.