Eiji Aonuma, the producer for The Legend of Zelda series, recently stated that he didn’t believe VR is well suited for the franchise. His main concern is that one of the interests of the Zelda series is to evolve Link and see him change over time, so experiencing the surroundings from a personal point-of-view wouldn’t work. “You know, one of the interests of the Zelda games is to evolve Link and therefore see him gros,” explained Aonuma in a recent interview with GameBlog. “In VR, you would no longer see Link, you would see the world from your personal point-of-view, so I think it would not be very ‘Zelda’”.

To challenge Aonuma’s thought’s on the mater, Sketchfab announced a new Monthly VR Creation Tool Challenge that encourages virtual reality artists to create environments inspired by The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo®). The challenge was open to any virtual reality creation tool, including Tilt Brush, Oculus Quill, Medium, and others.

Nostalgic fans can now dive into the land of Hyrule from inside a VR headset.

Here are some of the creations found on Sketchfab:

VRamy of Darkness took it a step further with an elaborate creation that will make your nostalgic heart melt. Available exclusively for HTC Vive, you can download the experience here.

Hopefully this will curb your appetite while you eagerly await The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild release on March 3rd for the Wii U and Switch.