Say Goodbye to Virtual Clutter With VR Toolbox

If you want to experience virtual reality content, you have to download apps. Lots of them. This can lead to some frustrating back-and-forth between your mobile device/desktop and headset. Luckily, some companies are here to help you with that.

Virtual reality company and development studio MyDream Interactive is launching VR Toolbox, a 360 VR desktop and room simulator. With this app, you can now gather your favorite VR functionalities in one place and avoid the clutter that comes with multiple content sources.

VR Toolbox puts you at the center of a virtual, 360-degree room that you can customize and decorate with a variety of built-in props, rooms, and personal images. Your apps appear as screens that you can move, scale, and position in space. If you like to get creative with your virtual environment, VR Toolbox will let you add your own 3D models and Steam workshop integration, while custom walls, wallpaper, ceiling and floors are made from web browser with patterns from any web page (Google Images, FB or Imgur included).

VR Toolbox requires you to have hand controllers and is currently supported by Oculus DK2, CV1 and HTC Vive. Vive users will have the added benefit of being able to switch between VR and real-world views with the Blended Reality option.

The app is now available on Steam for $13.99. A free but watermarked version will be released on Friday, March 3rd.