Hormel Brings Home the Virtual Bacon


Bacon gumballs, bacon body wash, bacon mayonnaise (baconnaise?), scratch-and-sniff bacon. bacon socks, and pretty much everything else bacon. Now bacon virtual reality?

If this sounds like a dream, premium bacon manufacturer Hormel invites you to live the experience with The Black Market on blacklabelbacon.com. Wearing a VR headset (or not—you can simply place a smartphone in front of your eyes), you can navigate through four immersive bacon worlds, including a Dark Woods, a Volcano, a Salty Sea and Outer Space to unlock and purchase select varieties of Hormel Black Label bacon in virtual reality. To make the experience even more remarkable, a limited number of custom bacon-scented Google Cardboard are available, at no cost, on The Black Market.

Talk about taking bacon to another level. This is just another way that marketers are expected to bring virtual reality into our homes. While The Black Market experience provides a basic exploration into virtual worlds, it clearly helps us imagine how the new technology can help companies bring their products to life.